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RIO Tronics – Meter Pulse Manufacturer

RIO Tronics Corp manufactures retrofit meter pulse kits for AMR/AMI, energy management, SCADA, data logging,  recording systems, and submetering.  Customers can adapt existing gas and electric, and water meters with a true Form A digital pulse that these systems easily accept.

Meter pulse devices  are a critical component of energy monitoring.  They enable data loggers, AMR/AMI-(automated meter reading/advanced meter infrastructure), and energy management systems to receive accurate, high resolution, and reliable energy consumption amounts from the meters they are monitoring.

Find our products in the Pulse Output Products section, and find compatible third party monitoring systems that we link to in the Submetering, AMI, and Energy Management sections.

Turn Meters Into Smart Meters

RIO Tronics’  line of retrofittable digital outputs convert gas meters, electric meters, water meters, and steam meters into smart meters.  Our products enable basic meters to become the connection from meters to energy management.  RIO Tronics pulse kits transform an electric meter into a smart power meter for electric submetering, building automation, and AMI.

Transform your gas, water, and steam meters into smart meters to enable energy monitoring, submetering, and AMI. Smart metering companies use RIO Tronics’  pulsers to facilitate energy management.

Smart Water Meter Device

RIO Tronics’ Smart Water Meter Device



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